This Is The Horror Your Body Goes Through When You Don’t Exercise


This Is The Horror Your Body Goes Through When You Don’t Exercise.

Ever since childhood, we all have been taught that exercise is good for health. However, there are still a lot of people who don’t give a shit about it and have never seen the insides of a gym. As a result, these people end up screwing up their health and only take to exercising when a doctor warns them. But have you ever thought what happens when we you do not exercise? Here, let me tell you and you surely wouldn’t like it.

As simply as I can put it- our bodies are supposed to be mobile. We are made to move. The more we move, the more our body acts as a unit, to keep whatever’s inside the body aligned. Every function of your body, directly or indirectly, relates to bipedal locomotion. There was no obesity back in the day. Now, we are at our immobile best and soon, will be at our obese best. Everything from the circadian rhythm to metabolism and bone health is fucked up. What we have done to our bodies, is a thing of pity.

1) Poor Metabolism

The lesser the activity, the slower the metabolism. Metabolism is the sum of every chemical activity in your body. It keeps you alive and functioning. When there’s very little physical activity, the body adjusts itself to a very low BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate). The lower the BMR, the higher gets the chances of fat gain and many other disorders that can be easily avoided.

2) Poor Body Composition

We are supposed to have more lean muscle mass and less fat. Pathetic dietary habits and lack of exercise leads to muscle atrophy and increase in fat mass. As a result, your sedentary lifestyle makes you overweight which eventually turns into obesity.

3) Sluggish brain response

Regular exercise supports better functioning of the central nervous system.  It boosts the oxygenated blood flow and strengthens the nerve signaling of almost every cell in your body. In the absence of physical activity, this entire process gets sluggish as there is no efficient supply of oxygenated blood.

4) Weaker muscles and bones

Lack of exercise leads to muscle atrophy i.e. decrease in the amount of muscle mass. Moreover, it also deregulates the ability of bones to absorb calcium, making way for weaker bones over time. This is one of the major reasons for the ever increasing number of osteoporosis patients in the world.

5) Irregular blood pressure

Due to a lack of exercise the LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) cholesterol (bad cholesterol) increases in the blood stream. LDL leads to plaque congestion in the arteries, which further leads to irregular blood pressure and even heart attack in extreme cases.

6) Depression and Anxiety

Guess what, a majority of depression cases can be controlled by embracing a fitness lifestyle. In the absence of physical activity, your brain health goes for a toss (factors mentioned above) which leads to depression and anxiety.

Try to understand that exercise is not a luxury. It is the need of the body. Adopt an active lifestyle by either joining a gym, playing a sport or at least by going for a regular morning/evening walk. Remember, prevention is better than cure .


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