Success Mantra- How to get more success in Life Part-1

Key to success

Success Mantra- How to get success part-1

If you want to gather fruits you’ve to take care of Trees:-

Anything which is fruitful it comes from a place which doesn’t give returns in a day, you’ve to take care the things, it applies in all areas of life, whether its family life, love life, College life, Job, business, partnership or anything else.

Be Patient.

You can call it’s a first Success Mantra.

Time is Money :-

An inch of time cannot be bought in place of an inch of Gold, what you are doing today will make your tomorrow, if you’ll spend time with friends you’ll get good friendship, if you’ll spend time with Books you’ll get knowledge, if you’ll spend time on Television it’ll give you updates, if you’ll spend time on Social media it’ll give you time Pass

It’s entirely your choice what you want tomorrow you’ve to spend time on it today.

You can call its a Second Success Mantra.

People around you:-

People make you reach and poor, yes you read it right your company will decide what you’ll become, in 90% of cases it was observed that an average student has done well when he was in company of good students and vice-versa when he was in company of failed students.

Choose your company wisely and it will make you wise.

You can call its third success mantra

Smart work:-

There was a time when Hard work was considered the only factor which makes you successful, in this era of technology when a simple sheet of excel does a complex calculation for you in minutes if a person spend whole day doing this calculations on Calculator he will be called inefficient instead of Hardworking, most of the employees does this mistake.

Why reinvent the wheel, use wheel in such a smart way that it’ll be success machine for you.

You can call its Fourth Success Mantra.

Get your axe sharpen regularly:-

Skill development is the only way to earn more success than average people earn because even 5% more knowledge done wonders, many people refuse to upgrade with time resulting in delay of success, A sharpen AXE ( Mind) can always come over on obstacles perfectly, A doctor who regularly update him about new medicine will be more successful, a lawyer who has regular Updation of law and case laws and a Chartered Accountant having regular updates regarding his profession helps them in creating Success in their respective areas, a business man having regular update of Market can do wonders in Business.

You can call its Fifth mantra of success.


We’ll share more secret of success with you in next Blogs,

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