Q A Dalit girl from Tamil Nadu’s Ariyalur district, who spearheaded the fight against National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) exams, today committed suicide:


A Dalit girl from Tamil Nadu’s Ariyalur district, who spearheaded the fight against National Eligibility and Entrance Test (NEET) exams, today committed suicide:

Anitha, 17, who displayed a spectacular performance in state board class 12 exams, committed suicide after she was unable to get a medical seat.Anitha killed herself at her residence a week after the Centre declared that Tamil Nadu cannot be exempted from NEET. She scored 1176 out of 1200 marks in her class 12 exams.She also scored 196.75 out of 200 for medical and 199.76 out of 200 for engineering seat. Her outstanding scores in class 12 in all likelihood could have helped her in cracking the medical entrance exam.Unfortunately, she could not make it to the NEET. She had scored only 86 out of 700 in the newly-introduced entrance exam. Sources said that she had obtained a seat in aeronautical engineering at the prestigious Madras Institute of Technology. On August 22, the Supreme Court ordered Tamil Nadu government to begin medical admissions based on NEET.The verdict came after  the Centre refused to endorse Tamil Nadu’s draft ordinance seeking exemption from NEET for one year.


Anitha was one of the many students who were in shocked to know that they have to compete once again in NEET exams to get a medical seat.Anitha had earlier said that she was unable to comprehend NEET. She being a daughter of a daily wage earner was unable to spend money on extra coaching class as NEET is based on CBSC syllabus.As all the parties wanted an exemption from NEET, CM EPS government passed a resolution and approached the Central government. Incidentally, during Jayalalitha’s regime she had consecutively got exemption for 2 years just by writing a letter to the PM.Unfortunately, as AIADMK was more caught up in the party in-fighting, no fast  measures were taken to get exemption this year.At the neck of the moment, Health Minister Vijayabhaskar and CM EPS made several trios to Delhi to meet the PM.Eventually, the Center agreed to give a year’s exemption if the State government passed a resolution but not a total exemption.This also became a dead end as Supreme Court denied to allow admit students other than acquiring seats through NEET.

Anitha, unable to accept the fact that she couldn’t become a doctor allegedly hanged herself insider her house shocking the entire State.Speaking on the issue, Health Minister Vijayabhaskar expressed grief and asked that students not to lose hope so easily.


However, DMK leader MK Stalin speaking on the issue stated that he was shocked to hear about the death of Anitha.”She got 1176 in plus 2 and good cutoff marks too. But due to NEET, her dreams were shattered. She even approached the Supreme Court and the met with me and asked me to take it on the Assembly. I did so the very next day. Unfortunately she killed herself as she couldn’t succeed”, said Stalin.

Stalin blamed the State government for Anitha’s death calling it a useless and a Horse trading government.Anitha’s death has raised concern over many issues within the state starting with how incomparable and outdated the state education syllabus is and how AIADMK is drifting away from governance and getting embroiled in internal fights.



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