painful stages of growing out a pixie cut


When you get a new haircut, it changes you. It makes you more confident, and not to mention cute. So when I got a pixie cut with an undercut this time, I was actually in love with myself. After all, not only everyone loved what I had done with my hair, it actually suited me. I use the past tense here because I decide to grow it out and have lived to share this tale of regret.

So if it’s such a trouble then why am I trying to put myself through it? Because a friend of mine is getting married in a couple of months and I would want to wear a maang tika on her wedding. I’m crazy, I know. And that friend better make me her maid of honour.

You see everything is nice till the time your hair is under your control. The actual mayhem begins when you let it be because you want to grow it out. Because truth be told, your hair can have a mind of its own. At least mine does. No matter how much I set it, they go back to being the intolerable and annoying b*stards they are. Yes, I’m still talking about my hair here. You see once you have gone short, going back to long hair is what nightmares are made up of.

If you have ever cropped your hair short and then tried to grow it out, you’ll probably relate to the five stages I went through.


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