Let’s take a moment to admire Karan Johar, the unsung hero of men’s fashion


We often hear men complaining about how women have so much to experiment with when it comes to fashion, while men simply have to stick to wearing basic shirts, t-shirts, jeans, and at the most, a well-tailored suit.

Even male Bollywood celebrities, who should ideally be fashion-savvy play it safe with their outfit choices and keep their fashion-game quite minimal and simple.

However, just like life is what you make of it, fashion too is what you make of it. And who better than ace director and producer Karan Johar can exemplify this more strongly?

We all know how the whole world sings praises for his direction skills, production quality, anchoring and judging skills, and a super-entertaining streak. However, there is another aspect of his personality which deserves more attention than it usually does.

We are talking about Karan’s fashion sense.

Going by his previous track-record of simple, black, tailored suits, it is almost surprising that this man progressed to such an experimental way of dressing. Here’s why we think he’s the ultimate men’s-fashion icon:

He quirks up a conventional black suit like no other celeb ever can.


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