Greedy Doctors of Death and an Urban ‘Hospital Bazaar’ Hospital Hub of agra appx 50 hospitals in 2 Kms.


A harsh picture of Agra’s private healthcare industry raise tough questions against the hospitals and the authorities allowing them to function. Many baby’s parents whose newborn dies in this hospital bazaar, alleges that despite complaints the hospital staff did not tend to the newborn even as his health worsened.
In Agra’s ‘hospital bazaar’. On a 1.8 km stretch, more than 46 private hospitals put the lives of their patients at risk by compromising on qualification and flouting norms.In short, human lives at risk. All while the authorities look away.Agra’s Trans Yamuna Colony, where these hospitals are located , A slew of hospitals lined both sides of the road. On closer inspection we counted 46 hospitals within 1.8 km in Agra’s hospital hub. And that’s just on the main road. Do the math and it’s one hospital for every 40 metres.

Several of these establishments do not have more than two rooms . Dr Mukesh Goyal, former secretary of the Indian Medical Association’s (IMA) Agra Branch, owns one of the larger hospitals on the Trans Yamuna Colony. Goyal explains, “For 150-200 kilometres beyond Agra, there is a dearth of hospitals and qualified doctors, which has resulted in the abundance of hospitals on this


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