Bullet Train – Analysis by a Indian Who is only a indian, Non- Political analysis: Some Questions and Answers with facts:-


Q1 : Why bullet Train? when we already have Express Highways?
Ans: Cars are running on fuel which is going to extinct very soon, Billions of foriegn currency is going to gulf countries known as petro dollors resulting in devaluation of indian currency, a country like india cannot afford it’s currency’s devaluation and pollution for a very long time, we’ve to find it’s solution.

Q.2 : The Bullet train between Ahmedabad and Mumbai price are same as of flight, and also takes more time. Then why spend so much money ? Why not increase number of flights ?
Ans : A flight serves Ahmedabad to Mumbai, no stoppage between it. The bullet train will serve 12 stations in between. With 12 stations on the route having high speed connectivity, the entire stretch will develop as an economic corridor. Once the HST is functional, economic zones will come up all along the high speed network. This will create millions of jobs in next 15-20 years.

Q 3 : Why not take soft loan of Rs. 88,000 crore for improving health and education rather than fancy-lavish bullet trains ?
Ans : The low interest loan is given by any country to promote that country’s succees, something which is exclusive to itself- be it its own technology or science or defence. Japan or France will not give you free loans for building hospitals or schools as they don’t gain anything in that scenario. The loan is SPECIFICALLY for Bullet train’s technology, not for any other work.

Q 4 : We will be dependent on them. How will it help us in future ?
Ans. : This is not just the money or construction being done by Japan. We are also getting the technology of Bullet train from Japan. Just like we are self-sufficient in metro today (which was also given to us by Japan), we will become self-reliant in bullet trains 15-20 years down the lane and moreover the Congress Goverment has signed on it.

Q 5 : Why Ahmedabad-Mumbai ? Why not other place ?
Ans – As much as you cry foul, you cannot deny the fact that Mumbai-Surat-Bharuch-Vadodara-Anand-Ahmedabad is a massive industrial hub, with these places being economic, trading and financial hubs of western India. The fact that such big industrialised cities are within 500 km makes it (the project) financially feasible. Once successful, 5 more bullet train networks will also come.
We’re busting some misconceptions.
To answer some of these questions, I am posting some relevant facts.
In 1950s : When the country is poor, what is the need for spending crores on ISRO and BARC ?
(ISRO and BARC are our pride today, We’ve sent Mangal yaan on Mars which is 6rs/Km travelling cost 10 times less than Nasa’s cost).

1970s : A country where people can’t own a bike, what is the use of investment by Suzuki ?
(Maruti Suzuki changed the game, you can see on Indian roads now a middle class too owns Car in india)

1980s : When there is no electricity in houses, what is the use of spending on technology of TV and computer?
(We are one of the largest users of IT today, Bengaluru, hyderabad and Sevice sector which constitute more than 50% of GDP has one of the largest share of IT industry in it)

1990s : When people are dying in poverty, what is the use of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation ? Only poor will be exploited.
(We know how 1991 changed India’s development track forever, Manmohan Singh was the Key reformer, any drastic changes will show its effect after 10-15 years)

Early 2000s : Delhi’s DTC buses are undergoing accidents, infrastructure is crumbled. Why not improve existing infrastructure rather than investing 80,000 crore for metro ?
(Metro is now the lifeline of Delhi, Every Delhi resident knows how it change the fate of delhi, Dwarka was once unapprocahble from Connaught Palace now it’s only a 40 minute A.c. ride)

Early 2000s : There arent enough basic roads in the country. Villages don’t have all weather roads. Why govt spending 1,00,000 crore for National Highways ? Improve basic roads.
(NHs have revolutionised traveling, Average speed is 90 Km/Hour from 60Km/ Hrs it saves do many lives and billions of foriegn currency which destroyed in Jams on roads).
Same happened with every big initiative. Why can’t we be optimistic and support positive and visionary steps ? Let’s not cry poor, poor, every time and remain one, World is looking on us.
Vande Mataram!!
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